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SHR uses multiple pulse that glides over the surface of the skin and fires multiple shots that gently heats up the dermis to a certain temperature that can weaken the hair follicles effectively without any pain and discomfort.

The whole process is fast and efficient and is concluded in a matter of minutes by our train professional staff.

Unlike IPL which uses high heat energy with a single shot, which is more likely to cause burns and scaring if not professionally administered. IPL works best for people with lighter complexion with dark hairs. Customers will often feel discomfort similar to a “rubber band snapping” sensation.

SHR on the other hand uses a low fluence pulses but at a high rate of repetitive frequency, even the most sensitive areas such as the intimate areas. As SHR has a Cool Tech Methodology, hence you will not feel much heat and the whole treatment process is painless.

SHR is more efficient as it releases 20 to 30 shots per second as compared to traditional IPL which only release 1 shot per second hence SHR can cover more skin surface area at a shorter time.

Hair removal is a process, and it will require customers to make some effort to take regular visits to see the required results. The number of sessions needed depends on a case-by-case basis because hair follicles vary on different individual.

The recommended interval for each treatment will be 4 to 6 weeks. This interval is to allow the hairs to be in the Anagen phase which will work best when the hair follicles are most exposed as it slowly grows out from the surface and ready for hair removal.

  • Shave: Shave the day before your appointment as it works best because this will allow your hair to grow out roughly 1mm within a day and this will ensure the optimum absorption of the heat to weaken the hair follicles.
  • No exposure to the Sun or UV(Ultra-violet light) exposure of sun beds for 1 week (Before and After) the treatment
  • No Waxing, Plucking and epilation for 3 weeks before your appointment date
  • Avoid applying products on the day of your treatment, make sure not to use any products for your skin. This includes deodorants, lotions and other products you might apply to your skin.
  • No chemical peels and other forms of laser treatment is to be done on the areas to be treated 2 weeks before the appointment

Within the next 24 hours of each IPL/SHR treatment:

  • No exposure to the Sun or UV(Ultra-violet light) exposure of sun beds for 1 week (Before and After) the treatment
  • No Depilatory, AHA, glycolic or salicylic creams
  • No exfoliation
  • No hot baths or showers (warm water only)
  • No heat treatments e.g. sauna
  • No swimming in chlorinated pools or spa baths
  • No perfumes, highly perfumed soaps, or lotions, etc

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